Bruegger’s Bagels has invited me to cook with their head Chef Philip Smith!

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Bruegger’s Bagels has asked me to cook with their head Chef Philip Smith on his visit to Raleigh NC.  As you know this is my favorite food and I am looking forward to finding out how Bruegger’s makes their bagels and I have all kinds of questions to ask Chef Smith.

Yesterday I visited the store to meet him.  You would have thought that I was the celebrity!  I was greeted at the door not only by the head chef himself, Josh the District Manager, Margaret the Bakery Manager and Laurie, the Media Relations Manager of SPM Communications who along with Tracy has made this wonderful opportunity for me possible.

Today Chef Smith will be showing me how the Bagel’s are made and I will be showing him some of my favorite bagel recipes that you can make at home.  I know that all of you reading this love their bagels too so I will share my adventures at Bruegger’s today soon with you on my You Tube Channel, “At Home with Sydney”.

Thank you  to everyone at Bruegger’s Bagels and SPM Communications.

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