Sending Gift cards to Alabama

On March 3rd, tornadoes swept through Alabama. Seeing the pictures and devastation, I sent gift cards to ten first responders to use if they needed them or wanted to give to a family they know of in need. I used the cards that my kindergarten class made for my mom as a gift for “room mom”.

Be strong Alabama


Crowned Miss NC Spot Fish Queen 2018/2019


I am the first ever NC Spot Queen to hold three titles along with two scholarships.  Yesterday I was crowned in Surf City along with seven other girls with different titles.  Throughout the year we raise money for the scholarship program with a platform for a 501c3. My platform is the Hampstead Kiwanis Park renovation program selling engraved brick pavers. We all attend events in NC and do community projects. I am looking forward to a great year.

Thank you to the Apex Community; Apex Imports and our local Police department for donations that I took to the Coast .

You always see stories on TV and the stories about families who lost everything.  NC was one of those states who were in the news.  Thank you to our Apex Community, Apex Imports and the Apex Police department; we delivered supplies to families at the coast and plan to do a toy drive for the holiday season.