Thank you to Salem Elementary for having me!

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I would like to thank everyone at Salem Elementary for having me to the Town Hall to talk about healthy eating and making your own breakfast, lunch and snacks.  I had a great time with you and hope that you enjoy the recipes we made and that you enter my cooking competitions.  For breakfast we made yogurt parfaits with Chobani Champions, La Farm Granola, strawberries and blueberries; next was La Farm Croissants with egg, cheese and ham.  Lunch was up next with several varieties of La Farm bread with egg salad and we even added some diced pickles for a twist and fruit kabobs with Chobani Champions as a dip.  A big hit was the salad made with Organic Girl Kale and a wide variety of vegetables including three types of radishes.  Snacks included La Farm bread with cream cheese and cucumbers…mmm.  cheribundi cherry ice tea was served to all of the chefs that helped us cook.  Don’t they look great in the aprons donated by Horizon Products USA?  As always, I am very grateful to Whole Foods in Cary who donated food used in the demonstration   Please stop in their store to try all of the delicious food I shared with your children today.  They also have cooking classes for kids.