Visited the Mr. Food Test Kitchen. Thank you for having me!

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When I was growing up my mom told me about Mr. Food.  When he died, mom I and I wrote an article about him for our local paper.  My grandpa’s were great fans and watched him everyday.  This week I had the honor to visit the test kitchen in Florida.  Our family spent an afternoon with Howard Rosenthal, who is the Chief Food Officer and star of the new show that airs daily.  In the kitchen was Ms. Patty Rosenthal who is the Test kitchen director.  What a talented chef.  She usually turns out about 14 recipes a day!!  Kelly Rusin, who is the food stylist and photographer was shooting photos for the book and then showed us around the kitchen.  They have so many fantastic dishes and props for the shows.  They should come to our house and see our collection.  One thing I learned about was their collection of Diabetic cookbooks….amazing!  They also have a product line which is on QVC.  When we were ready to leave, we got to meet Mr. Food’s son,  Steve Ginsburg.  I was so honored that he asked me to come and do a show with them.   My visit to the Mr. Food test kitchen would not have been possible without the help of  Ms. Jaime Gross:)  I would like to thank everyone for having me, my family and the cookbook you gave me.  While I was there I saw their new cook book in production all about crock pot and pressure cooking.  And yes, I got to taste the cake that might be on the cover….OOH…It was so good:)  Make sure you put it on the list of must haves.  All of their dishes are tested at least 3 times and made in dishes and ovens just like we have at all so that the recipes they give you are proven to be easy and always a winner!

Girls World Expo in Raleigh was a huge success with over 4,000 people attending. I was a key speaker about following your dreams!

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What a fantastic day at the first ever in Raleigh, Girls World Expo.  I spoke about following your dreams and never giving up.  The crowd was so energetic and I spoke right before Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars performed.  I would like to thank everyone for making this event possible especially Ms. Stacey Sherman and the Girls Advisory Board.  Please visit my You Tube Channel to see more.

Our town, Apex, was ranked #9 in the nation to live in by Money Magazine. That calls for a town party!

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Apex ,  means “The Peak of Good Living”   Thank you to everyone from the town of Apex ,  for making my home town such a great place to live.  Thank you to Councilman Scott Lassiter for including me in the event.  He served ice cream with Mayor Weatherly.  Fire Chief Harraway was on hand to show off our fantastic fire trucks and staff.  Police Chief Letteney greated visitors and had many of his officers all over the event to help and answer questions.  It was a great day.  Congratulations Apex!

Dion Herbs and Spices are delicious and can you believe they have more than 450 varieties!

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I would like to invite you to try these delicious and convenient herbs and spices made by a company in Canada for the past 17 years…Dion Herbs and Spices.

I have been cooking with them since I came back from LA shooting the Food Network show and would like to thank  Ms. Manon and Mr. Gaston Dion  for all of their support and sending me all of the products you see me with in the kitchen.  They have two openings small and large, the stack very well in the closet or counter.  They have no MSG or salt added and are also nut/peanut free  and gluten free.  Please visit their web site to see all of the fantastic products and you can find their products at your local Lowe’s Food, Central Market, Wegman, Tops Market and Whole Foods in Canada just to name a few.  Look for their new label that will have suggestions, tips and recipes.  Happy cooking!

Kelcey Carlson from WRAL and my Interview about me competing on Food Network

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WRAL invited me to their studios to talk about the new Food Network show that I am on, “Rachael vs Guy Kids Cook Off”.  Ms. Kelcey Carlson interviewed me and the crew treat me like a celebrity!  Their grounds are beautiful.  Thank you for having me WRAL!  Here is the link


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