Nina’s Italian Ristorante in Raleigh.

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Today I was on my way to learn from the very best Italian Chef in Raleigh, Nina, the owner of Nina’s Ristorante.   I was so excited as were Nina and her daughter, Anna Marie.  On the way there we got a call to confirm we were on our way…everyone was so excited.  When we got there and entered the restaurant, we were met by Anna Marie with a big smile and then we saw Nina on the phone in tears.  Her dad, Pappie, who is 94 and lives in Sicily, Italy had been admitted to the hospital and was not doing well.  Their lives changed in an instance, but they still wanted to help me.  They are an amazing family who came her many years ago and have worked so hard to achieve their dreams and raised money for so many foundations and she was even named “Woman of the Year” for all of her accomplishments.  She is on her way to see her dad…please keep her in your prayers and when you visit her amazing restaurant, please take time to look at all of her achievements over the years and her family photos that she is so proud of.

Life can change in an instance … enjoy every minute.

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