Thank you to the Eva Perry Library and everyone who came to see me today!

I would like to tell you about my amazing day at the Eva Perry Library today for my Super Special Saturday and my cooking class.  What an honor to have kids sign up to come and see me and do some cooking together.  Whole Foods was very kind in donating all of the food that we tried that made our plate a rainbow.  We started off by trying some new fruits such as kiwi, star fruit and tangerines.  Then we tried some hummus and

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Tzatzikii for our spread.  After that we  sampled our vegetables that were delicious!  Spinach, red peppers, yellow squash, zucchini  grated carrots and purple cabbage.  We took a whole wheat tortilla, spread our favorite hummus or Tzatziki and topped it off our rainbow of  vegetables.  We got to take a few bites and then took a group photo with our aprons that were donated by Horizon Group USA.  Please visit their Facebook page about the event.

The kids could not wait to get back to the table where they got to sample a variety of Chobani yogurt and cheribundi drinks.  I encouraged them to start cooking and enter my contests and the Kiwi 2013 New Chef contest.  The afternoon was a great success with many kids trying new fruit or vegetable for the first time.  We even heard some parents say that they were so glad that they came as they never thought that their kids would try these new foods and like them.  Thank you for having me!

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