My mom modeling with Mark Spitz

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My mom, Hazel, was a swimmer in South Africa who had several world records for her age. At that time South Africa did not participate in the Olympics. She was asked by Jack Nelson at the Hall of Fame In Ft. Lauderdale , Florida to come and train here for the Olympics. Mark Spitz called her, “Little Spitz” and the photos are of him being the commentator at a swim suit fashion show staring my mom at the Nautilus Dive Shop in Boca Raton. When we landed at Heathrow Airport we saw his plaque and snapped a photo of it. Due to knee surgery, my mom was unable to swim in the Olympic Trials. Today she still has her passion for swimming and has given swim lessons to hundreds of kids. I am proud to say I get to help her and have enjoyed seeing the kids enjoy the passion and fun for swimming like my mom and I have. It was great to go to the swimming event and see Michael Phelps swim…perhaps one day I will be there for my butterfly. I also got to meet Dara Torres at the medal ceremony McDonald’s have for all the kids.

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