Do you think medal winners should have to pay taxes on their winnings?

Imagine working for years, getting up early, staying up late and missing all kinds of fun things with your friends because you are practicing and dreaming of going to the Olympics.  Not only do you work hard, it costs your parents a lot of money and time for your lessons, transportation.  Now the government wants to tax the medal winners money they receive.  Gold gets $25,000, silver $15,000 and bronze $10,000.  Mark Rubio, the governor of Florida is trying to fight this so that they athletes do not have taxes on their winnings.  The gold medal itself  is valued at $644, the silver at half that and can you believe the bronze medal value is $5.00.  I heard of one family today who’s home was in foreclosure and their son was hoping to use his winnings to help them keep their house.  This was so sad and the story really touched my heart.   

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