We went to the Worlds biggest McDonald’s…it was fantastic!

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Thank you to McDonald’s for a wonderful trip to the 2012 Olympics. This is the world’s biggest McDonald’s that seats 1, 500 at a time and has 2,000 of their best employees working there. After the games, the building will be taken apart and used in the building of new McDonald’s in the UK as well as re-modeling of existing restaurants. 75% of the materials in the Olympic McDonald’s will be recycled.  The Happy Meal box pictured is the actual one that I was served my meal in at the world’s largest McDonald’s and brought home with me.  Their menu is a little different from ours and the Olympic Happy Meal Toys are only available in the UK.  McDonald’s managers Alan Butchers and Jamie Baryaclough were beaming with pride and made us all feel like VIP’s.

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