Duck Tour

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On Friday we went on a duck tour.  It was amazing.  First we started out on land and the splashed down into the water.  We saw a lot of things along the way and learned a lot of history about the city.  We started out at the London Eye which is the tallest ferris wheel in Europe where they have also put in a temporary amusement park called, London Fun Ground.  It is now the most popular site for marrige proposals passing the Eifel Tower.  There is a fifteen minute time frame from the top to the bottom…so hopefully the answer is yes!  We saw the House of Parliment, Battersay Park, the BR Imax Theatre which has the biggest screen in the world, The monument of Great Fire of London in 1666 which has 311 steps to the top, Westminister Abbey, the theatre disrict and even the building where Sir Elton John lives.  We learned about the plague that they had due to the poor sanitary conditions and the mice and fleas.  Did you know that the poem “Ring Around the Rosies” was from that time…they used to carry around a pocket full of posies to ward off the bad smell of death.  \soon after that, a royal baker did not put out the fire in his bakery and it caught on fire.  The houses at that time were made of wood and thatched straw roofs and most of the city burned.  Only 12 people were reported to have died and it killed the mice population which helped to get rid of the disease.  While we were on the river, we saw a floaing fire station.  We also saw the Houses of Parliment which has two different clored awnings and enterances.  Red is for the House of Lords and green is for the House of Commons.

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