Thank you to our local McDonald’s operators, the Haynie Family for a fantastic send off party for the Olympics

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I would like to thank our local McDonald’s operator’s, the Haynie family, for the fantastic send off party that they gave me in their store located in the Apex Wal-Mart on July 19th.  That is where I found out about the competition and the fantastic journey started.  It was all decorated, they had great food and a beautifully decorated cake.  I was so proud to have my banner in front of their store with my name on it.  I am looking forward to being a representative of the USA as well as a role model for a healthy lifestyle that involves family and fun.  There were so many friends and family that came to wish my dad and I the best as well as wishes from friends who could not come.  Thank you to everyone for your support, McDonald’s and Mckeeman Marketing.  London…here I come!

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