Hyde Park

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We have had a great first time…went to Hyde Park where they will have a huge concert tonight expecting 80,000 people!  You can rent a bike and ride around…seem to be popular today.  I have seen these phone booths in picutes…now I saw them in real life.  I am looking forward to going on the double decker buses…my my used to ride them to school in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Did you know that they drive on the other side of the street here and the steering wheel in the car is also on the other side of the car!  Met some McDonald’s folks and check out the playroom they have for the Champions of Play.

Washington to London

What a wonderful trip we had.  We had a TV in the back of the seat in front of us, got 2 meals and arrived at Paddington Station after taking the Express Train.  There were so many shops and the flowers smelled fantastic.  We got to see the Olympic Stadium from the air.  My Mom modeled with Mark Spitz in her swimming days and we say his plaque in the Heathrow Airport.  We also got to see the Polish Olympic Team arrive.  London…..Sydney is here!!!

My trip from RDU to Washington, DC

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I met so many nice employees of United Airlines. After mechanical difficulties we took off to Washington and missed our plane by 5 minutes. We were treated so well by United and upgraded. Thank you to United for a wonderful trip and for all of the photos!!!

Getting my hair cut and makeup tips in preparation for my trip.

I would like to thank The Spa By Mitchell’s in Cary, Ms. Hope and Mr. Justin for giving me a new haircut and styling tips and Trisha at Clinique at Dillard’s in Cary for teaching me all about how to apply my make up and still make it look natural for my age. Thank you all so much!!!