A Toast to the Triangle 2014

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What a fantastic event!  I was a desert judge and got to try some the most amazing things!  After the judging was done, I had the opportunity to sample all of the other items from so many restaurants, meet many of the chefs and get some photos with my friend Ms. Van from the Angus Barn and Chef Dean from  Flights.  Then we all got to hear and see what the Tammy Lynn Center does on a daily basis for so many families and they difference that they make in their lives.  Please take the time to see what a wonderful place this is and  learn about the families.  I had the privilege to meet some of them last night.  Then it was time to give out the awards, raffles and even a car.  Steve Daniels from ABC 11, Holly Richard from the Tammy Lynn Center and I handed them out.  Thank you to all of the wonderful people who donated to the center last night.  It was amazing and touching to see how many people raised their hands to donate and also did that on their smart phones.  A special thank you to “G” Patel for his kind donations and having many of his restaurants participate in the event.  Don’t miss this event next year…it is one of a kind!!

Mom and my friend Alexis help to set up for A Toast to the Triangle to benefit the Tammy Lynn Center

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Thank you to all of the volunteers that came out this weekend to help with the set up for the A Toast to the Triangle.  This is the 28th year and my friend and owner of the Angus Barn, Ms. Van Eur has been involved with this event since it started.  It  involves top notch restaurants from around the Triangle who compete in three categories and also serve food samples to the guests with wine and beer pearings.  There will also be many silent auctions, raffles and a chance to win a new Mustang 2014!  Mark this event on your calendar for next year and come out and volunteer for this fantastic cause.  http://www.tammylynncenter.org/Home

Dion Herbs and Spices are delicious and can you believe they have more than 450 varieties!

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I would like to invite you to try these delicious and convenient herbs and spices made by a company in Canada for the past 17 years…Dion Herbs and Spices.

I have been cooking with them since I came back from LA shooting the Food Network show and would like to thank  Ms. Manon and Mr. Gaston Dion  for all of their support and sending me all of the products you see me with in the kitchen.  They have two openings small and large, the stack very well in the closet or counter.  They have no MSG or salt added and are also nut/peanut free  and gluten free.  Please visit their web site to see all of the fantastic products and you can find their products at your local Lowe’s Food, Central Market, Wegman, Tops Market and Whole Foods in Canada just to name a few.  Look for their new label that will have suggestions, tips and recipes.  Happy cooking!  http://www.groupexport.ca/en/repertoire/fiche_entreprise/433-dion-herbs-spices

Kelcey Carlson from WRAL and my Interview about me competing on Food Network

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WRAL invited me to their studios to talk about the new Food Network show that I am on, “Rachael vs Guy Kids Cook Off”.  Ms. Kelcey Carlson interviewed me and the crew treat me like a celebrity!  Their grounds are beautiful.  Thank you for having me WRAL!  Here is the link  http://topics.wral.com/local/apex.htm


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